Month in Review - Reflecting on November 2022

28 Nov 2022

Howdy BULBers!

It’s great to have you all back for our next month in review: November! We’re thrilled to be delivering our next series of exciting updates for BULB and we really appreciate your support 😍

This month has been a little more ‘quiet’ for BULB compared to the last where we had our Soft Launch. Needless to say, the team has been working exceptionally hard on several new features and delivering on our NFT project in December 2022 - January 2023. 

So without further ado, here’s what went down in November and what you can look forward to in the coming months...

Exciting News: BULB is Listed on Solana 😲

The team is proud to say that we are now listed on Solana! This is a huge leap forward in spreading the word about BULB to other crypto communities. It’s also been great to see that many of our BULBers have upvoted BULB on Solana already. As always, we appreciate your support in helping us grow the BULB community. 

Recap: New Product Features for November

This month, the team has proudly brought you some exciting product feature updates so you can Read-to-Earn and Write-to-Earn even better!! 

Here is a short list of all the new product features the team has released over the past month. 

You can now customise your look!  Take advantage of BULB’s brand new profile page where you can add your own banner, add a location and a custom URL link via the profile settings menu. It’s nice to see CryptoKingXavier using the new profile features 👏

Search for your favourite BULBer with BULB’s new profile search feature which allows you to search for BULB profiles by username 🔎

Take charge of your comments 🙌 No longer do you have to scroll through endless streams of comments to find what you want!! Now you can sort your comments by most relevant and most recent.

Check out our new tags page so you can sort through categories and discover new blogs on your favourite topics much easier! 

It’s great to see so many BULBers enjoying these new features and we can’t wait to release even more new improvements to the platform in December 😀

Amongst these product features include the BULBmoji NFT project. Rest assured, the project is well underway with the team working on designs and the economics of the project. There is much work to be done but we are super excited to see where the project will take us!

Looking at Your Feedback

It’s been amazing to see the community providing feedback on the platform through our weekly Twitter polls. We’ve distilled the polls down into a few key messages which are as follows:
Most users joined BULB because they loved earning BULB Tokens.

Most of you keep coming back to BULB because the community is super supportive.

The community’s favourite blog topics to read on BULB are crypto and personal development.

BULBers love holding onto their tokens or using tokens to boost their post to the top of the recommended list. 

These polls have provided the team with key insights as to what the BULB community enjoys most about the BULB platform. Once again, thanks for your input! The team will use this feedback to think about how we can make the platform even better for the community to enjoy 😊

What’s Next? 

In December 2022, the team will continue to work on community features and the BULBmoji NFTs. November has been a productive month for the team but the work doesn’t stop here, and December 2022 will be just as busy and fruitful as November! Like all years, we want to finish 2022 with a bang and can’t wait to deliver even more value to the BULB community. 

As always, we’re keen to hear what you think about BULB! Drop a comment down below with any thoughts or feedback you have. 

See you in December!

- The BULB Team

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Really enjoying the Monthly updates. It shows the great work that goes on behind the scenes to make the platform more intuitive and the community more Engaged. I am sure To give these a try. Great work.