Pionex Trading Bot : Day 18

22 May 2023

Hey guys, I checked in on my BTC trading bot this evening, and even though there isn't much to update on since my last post, it's been four days since then so I feel the need to write nonetheless. Not much volatility to trade on the past few days, the bot made 3 trades for me each day for the last few days on average which is fairly low given the set parameters but it's still consistent profit on a slow day albeit small. I doubt changing my parameters would have helped me accrue more given the sluggish price movement. I think we can see BTC trade sideways yet upwards over the next couple weeks, I don't expect it to last long though. There is just too much FUD due to regulators quite frankly being unfair and unclear with policies regarding the future of cryptocurrency in the US. If we can recover to a price above 29-30k in the coming weeks I plan to close the bot and await the next decent dip in price to buy in & open a new bot. This would be ideal, as I can break even @ this price and be completely in the green, however, Bitcoins price is difficult to predict given the current climate, and if we should happen to plummer below 25k from here, I will have to add investment to the bot and edit the current parameters so that I'm positioned to ride out the wave's. Most of us are feeling the financial stress of inflation, and it is difficult to HODL during these times, let alone accumulate, but trust that your patience & your resilience will be rewarded. We may never get BTC this cheap again so make the most of your efforts! These bots aren't just about earnings, it's a way to hold and mitigate a % of the loss. Reinvest your profits & compound interest. These bots make it easier to survive the bear in my opinion, and if you aren't utilizing tech to maximize your potential, you could be & you should be ✅ I'm going to drop my current parameters below for reference & my affiliate links for those that are interested in using bots for themselves. All part of the grind 🙂

Upper Limit: $34119
Lower Limit: $25251
Grids: 49
Profit per Grid: 0.34% - 0.53%
Bot Start Price: $29229
DCA Holdings Buy Price: $28806

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Have a good night guys! Til next time 💨😎✌️

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