Mindfulness:Method for lasting peace

24 Aug 2022

Mindfulness is an essential and useful pathway that leads to peacefulness. It isn’t rocket science, it doesn’t require a trendy workshop, and it doesn’t require that you live in an ashram.

The most basic definition of mindfulness might be the act of paying attention to the things that you are experiencing, and then choosing peacefulness in relation to every action, person, thought, feeling, and response.
Mindfulness in its purest form has the following characteristics:
Being fully present to what’s happening in this moment
1.Leaving the past in the past
2.Letting fantasies of the future dissolve
3.Refraining from self-judgment and judging others
4.Keeping emotions in-check
5.Responding instead of reacting
6.Strengthening our connection to our core selves

While mindfulness might not require you to be warm-fuzzy, spiritually-focused, or heart-centered, it does require a measure of awareness about what you are presenting to others and how you are being received.
The positive net-result of mindfulness might be that the people you engage feel non-threatened, accepted, heard, and relaxed upon interacting with you. Meanwhile, you would most likely be unaffected by interactions with others, remaining fully aware of yourself throughout each experience.
Some say that kindness and love are vital to the experience of being mindful. I don’t agree with this sentiment. Many people are broken, lost, lonely, hurt, and disconnected from their heart. That’s their business. 
Even in their states of broken-ness, I believe these types of people can still create a connection to their clarity, and remain aware of how they are affecting others. It’s in this way that almost anyone can represent mindfulness, even if only for a few moments.

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Maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, body sensations, and surrounding environment through a kind, nurturing lens is what mindfulness entails.