The Day RL9 surprised PEP and whole world .

6 Jul 2022

Robert Lewondowski is absolute and stunning striker who is currently playing for Bayern Munich and Poland national team. He has won many prestigious awards including FIFA The Best and has included in FIFA club Best XI for many times in recent years. If we look for last 5 seasons he is players who can do impossible in football.

Apart from being so good and winning many award ,he has stunning records of scoring 5 goals in 9 minutes . This match was against Wolfsburg . 
The Wolfsburg was already leading Bayern Munich by 1 goals before first half of the match. Then, at 51th minutes of match , Robert Lewondowski entered the feild and rest is history. He scored first goals in 51 minutes , second in 52 minutes ,third goals in 55 minutes ,  fourth goal's was in 57 minutes and last of 5 goal's in 60 minutes. 

With this stunning goals , Robert Lewondowski not only amazed football fans but Football genius and Coach Pep Guordiala was even surprised and couldn't believe it at the moment . His goal was too good at to watch it. You can watch videos on YouTube on this if you haven't watched it yet. 
YouTube Video Link :

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Lewondowski Is mesmerising and an amazing display of talent. Especially in that game.
The reason he got more famous was from Champion league in 2020.He cii hav easily won Ballon d'Or that year.