Today We Played Cricket Part 5🏏

12 Oct 2022

Hello my dear friends, I kept talking about our cricket game. If you haven't read my earlier posts, do do immediately because I thoroughly outlined our cricket match at the outset. As I mentioned in part 4, our team's final score was 56/3. ( 4 overs)

Gaurav bowls the fourth over, and with some superb bowling, he strikes out both our captain, Manoj, and our star player, Akshay. The fifth over is now decided by Vijay, the captain of the opposing team. Over Rahul comes Fifth. Prasad and Uday, our new batsmen, are on the crease and prepared to bat. Manoj instructed them both to play seriously. Additionally, he said, "Play in accordance with our goal score; we need a 100+ score on the board. Rahul now begins his fifth over. Prasad hits two goals in his fifth over. However, the opposition team has a chance to take out our batsman Prasad throughout the over. Unfortunately, opponent team member Vinayak dropped the catch on the final bowl of the over, giving our batsman Prasad another opportunity. Vijay was extremely dissatisfied and enraged with Vinayak following the occurrence. Rahul's fifth over results in 11 runs scored. Prasad is now on strike for the sixth time. Vijay is the sixth batter to bat. Vijay began his sixth over with a single from Prasad in the first bowl. Uday creates two consecutive dot balls. Uday then scored a single and hit a boundary. In the final ball, Prasad scores three runs. Vijay's sixth over sees him dish out 9 runs. Again, Vijay hands over the seventh to Gaurav. Gaurav began his seventh attempt. Prasad scores two runs on the first overthrown ball. Prasad scores one run on the second ball. Uday enters the ring and hits a six. Uday creates a new dot ball on the subsequent ball. Uday attempts to score additional runs on the fifth ball of the over but is regrettably caught. Prasad is the lone remaining batsman by our side at this time. Dot ball is made by the final ball of the overprasad. Only 5 players from each side are present in the current match, hence only one person will bat. Gaurav's seventh over results in 9 runs. Currently, we were 85/4 as a team ( 7 over). The eighth over of our game is now the last one to go. Prasd is striking right now. Vijay assigns Suraj the final task. Prasad is approached by our captain Manoj, who offers him a fascinating story to aid with his batting. Suraj is set to bat eighth. Prasad attempted to hit a boundary with the first pitch of the over, but Vinayak fielded it brilliantly. As a result, Prasad only receives two runs. Prasad creates the second ball of the over, the dot ball. Prasad scores six on the third ball of the over. Manoj was overjoyed to see the scoreboard. Prasad receives only singles in a succession on the fourth and fifth balls of the last over. Only 2 runs are scored by Prasad on the final ball of the final ove
After Manoj and Akshay are dismissed, Prasad plays some really solid batting. In his final over, Suraj lets up 12 runs. Vijay was furious when he saw the scorecard

Our game's first inning has come to a close. Our group scored 97/4. ( 8 over). Vijay gets upset with his teammates after seeing the scorecard. Manoj tells our teammates that you all play fantastic baseball and that we are really close to reaching our goal score. It's a significant score, but we can hold it. We have already made the decision to have the bowlers bowl and are setting up adequate plans for each individual. Our teammate's excitement about the result is contagious. We are confident in our ability to defend our score. The second inning's events will then be covered in my following post.
( part 6 is coming.......🏏🏏)

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