Layer3 Secures $20 Million in Funding to Enhance Blockchain App Experience

13 Jun 2024

Layer3, a company dedicated to improving user experiences with blockchain applications, has successfully raised $20 million in its latest funding round. This funding round was led by a16z crypto, with additional participation from various investors. With this substantial investment, Layer3 plans to expand its team and accelerate product development to enhance interfaces and interactions within the blockchain application ecosystem.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain technology, stands out as a pioneering platform that offers modular identity infrastructure and incentives for the omnichain ecosystem. With a user base exceeding one million and support for 25 different blockchains, Layer3 is at the forefront of providing seamless access and sustainable rewards within the blockchain sphere. This article delves into the features and advantages of Layer3, its support for global adoption, and its position as a primary hub for blockchain users and ecosystems.

The Innovative Approach of Layer3 is revolutionizing the way users interact with blockchain technology by providing a modular identity infrastructure. This means that users can access various blockchain ecosystems using a single interoperable identity, simplifying the user experience and fostering greater connectivity across different platforms.

Key Features:

  • Modular Identity Infrastructure: Layer3 enables users to create a unified identity that works across multiple blockchain networks, eliminating the need for multiple logins and enhancing interoperability.
  • Incentives for Ecosystem Engagement: The platform offers sustainable rewards to users, encouraging ongoing participation and engagement within the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Support for 25 Blockchains: By supporting a wide range of blockchains, Layer3 ensures that users have access to diverse ecosystems and can leverage the unique features of each.

One of the standout aspects of Layer3 is its commitment to promoting global adoption of blockchain technology. This is achieved through the expansion of autonomous ecosystems that operate within the Layer3 framework, allowing for localized growth and participation.

Expanding the Team and Accelerating Development

With the new influx of capital, Layer3 intends to grow its team significantly. The company is looking to attract top talent in the blockchain industry to support its ambitious goals. By expanding its workforce, Layer3 aims to speed up the development of its products, focusing on creating seamless and intuitive user interfaces that make blockchain applications more accessible and user-friendly.

Additional Funding from Haun Ventures and Others

In addition to the $20 million, Layer3 has also secured an $8.8 million investment led by Haun Ventures, with participation from Bain Capital Crypto and Robot Ventures. This additional funding will be crucial for Layer3 as it prepares to launch its own token and conduct an airdrop for its community of users.

Launching the L3 Token and Airdrop

Layer3 is set to introduce its governance and utility token, L3, early this summer. The launch of the L3 token is a strategic move to expand accessibility and encourage participation within the Layer3 ecosystem. The token will support over 96 million interactions across 545 global ecosystems. In a bid to reward early supporters and boost engagement, 51% of the total 300 million L3 tokens will be distributed to the community, including 5% for an initial airdrop.

Benefits for L3 Token Holders

Holders of the L3 token will enjoy numerous benefits, including access to incentive programs and enhanced on-chain experiences. Additionally, L3 token holders will have a say in the governance of the Layer3 protocol, giving them significant influence over the platform's future direction. This democratized approach to governance is expected to foster a stronger sense of community and engagement among users.

Strengthening Position in the Competitive Web3 Market The launch of the L3 token and the accompanying airdrop are part of Layer3 broader strategy to solidify its position in the increasingly competitive Web3 market. By increasing user engagement and offering incentives, Layer3 aims to attract a larger user base and establish itself as a leader in the blockchain application space.


Layer3 recent funding successes and strategic initiatives highlight its commitment to improving blockchain user experiences and expanding its influence in the Web3 ecosystem. With significant investments from leading venture capital firms and the upcoming launch of the L3 token, Layer3 is well-positioned to make a substantial impact in the world of blockchain technology. is setting new standards in the blockchain industry by offering a modular identity solution that enhances interoperability, supports global adoption, and provides sustainable incentives for users. With the backing of leading investors and a growing user base, Layer3 is poised to remain a central hub for blockchain users and ecosystems, driving the future of the omnichain landscape.

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