Strange Skulls

16 Feb 2023

Strange SkullsStrange Skulls

Unusually shaped skulls were found in Peru, which is considered a truly strange and mysterious country. It surprised us with the Rainbow Mountains, Nazca drawings, Machu Picchu. But besides these little-explored objects, even the biggest skeptics are forced to think about incomprehensible artifacts - skulls in Paracas, which are stored there in the local museum.

These artifacts were discovered by archaeologist Julio Tello in 1928 - they belong to 300 buried people. Well, or other creatures. After all, their skulls are very different from those of modern humans. They are much larger and heavier than ours, and most importantly - greatly elongated. And their DNA is also very different from that of humans.
The stone carvings on the walls in Tamil Nadu (India, naturally) depict the process of human conception and birth.

If the different stages of pregnancy surprise no one, the depiction of fertilization is simply unthinkable. Thousands of years before the discovery of these very cells, before ultrasound and the microscope, a detailed process of how cells meet, merge and grow in a woman's womb is carved on a 6000-year-old temple.

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