World Cup Curse

3 Jul 2022

The World Curse, is it real is not. 

The world cup curse describes a trend that has occurred since 2010 of which the winner of the world cup in the previous cup have been eliminated in the group stages. 

In 2010, Italy were the first victims of this. Winning the world cup in 2006. Italy were given an ‘easy group’ in their 2010 journey of which they were sent packing after failing to qualify to the round of 16.

In 2014, Spain continued the world cup curse trend after winning in Sluth Africa in 2010. They were sent back to Spain with their heads down after losing a must win game to Ajren Robben and RVP.

The curse, becoming a burden once more knocked out Germany in the group stages of the 2018. After clinching a last minute goal in the 2014 world cup final, Mario Gotzë and his Germany side were sadly knocked out in the group stages.

With France winning the 2018 World Cup it is asked if the curse will continue to be true. Australia being in Frances group might mean they have a chance in commencing to the round of 16. 

Do you think the curse is real, do you think Australia has a chance in the Qatar World Cup.

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This is a interesting read and I think the curse could be real. How long has this curse been going on for?
Seems real , but it's pretty much concidence.
south coast surfer
The Socceroo’s scraped in by the skin of their teeth - hope that means they need to work harder and dissect the areas they let themselves down in. Because France are in their group, you’d be backing the curse came true!
More a coincidence than a curse. With Australia in a tough group. Whatever it is let’s hope the trend continues.