Nature: Bees Part-3

30 Aug 2022


We proceeded on the bicycle arguing in the same way. At that point a lot of bees started getting buried under the wheels of my cycle. I saw a whole swarm of bees lying on the ground. I even told my friend that man how have so many bees fall on the ground. Before any answer could be found or anything, all those bees started clinging to me. A lot of bees stuck around my head, neck, mouth. Some may have even bitten me. I left the cycle and sat on one side of the road, hiding my face with both my hands.

I had heard somewhere that if bees get stung, then nothing should be done. Sitting quietly, she goes back in no time. I tried to do this. I covered my face with my hands. Bees were sticking all over my hand. I had too many bees on my face. There were swarms of bees on my neck and head too. My heartbeat was very fast. The sound of their wings were reverberating very loudly in my ears. Some bees were probably trying to get into my ears too.

I was taking all measures to avoid:

Some bees may have bitten me. I was in pain too. Still, I was trying to stay calm. But, I didn't have much patience. I would slowly try to remove those bees with my hands. She was crawling on my face. I was getting angry at them too. In this anger, I also crushed some bees. They were too small in my fingers. Mashing them was a matter of a pinch for me. But, I don't know what happened with it. A swarm of thousands of bees started hovering over me and many started biting me. His sting was piercing all around me. In anger, I also started mashing them by holding them. But, their number was continuously increasing.

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