Travel situation part 2

1 Nov 2022

The rising inflation! Will we ever get out of this? But it is in our hands to give importance to which things in terms of cost?" "You are amazing! Again, your only palupad! Do you see that mother is getting tired day by day? She will be able to walk as long as her limbs are still moving. Otherwise we cannot go right. So you want to be good with her, don't you? Now that she has gone with her aunt, I am not worried either. Considering all these things, I decided to send her on a pilgrimage. But you can't think that," "I only think about the future of our children. So no other thoughts come to my mind! If the school fees are not paid by the next month, the admission will not be granted So the principal has made it clear." Word by word continued to grow. In that rage, Meena filled Mandar's tiffin. And hit in front of him and she went to bath. The mandar put on his shoes and pulled the door handle and went out. When Meena came out of the bathroom, she noticed that the tiffin was lying on the table. Seeing him, however, she got wet. She thought, why are we arguing? What is the use of it now? No matter how many times we tried to tell the mother-in-law. But the surprising thing is that those who struggled so much for their own child's education. 

Shouldn't they value a grandchild's education? Why do they show such detachment? Maybe if Mandar had told them, they would have understood. Or do they think that the situation will automatically change after paying the vow? And Mandar also took their side. He also did not oppose as his mother's vow was important to him. So they went on the pilgrimage very comfortably. Now, what is the use of getting angry at Mandar? The sound of the bell broke Meena's slumber. The neighbor came to ask for a magazine. Taking advantage of that, Meena then called Mandar from their own house. And to her pleasant surprise, it was Mandar who picked up the phone. She quickly said, "My luck! You picked up the phone. Otherwise everyone else in your office picks up the phone except the one who has it. I think you were sure that my call would come today!" "Yes no! I was sure you wouldn't be patient until I got home to hear the accusations left in the morning!" "You are amazing! What did I call for? And you accuse me of the opposite! Since you didn't take the box, I purposely called that either you take a half-day and come home early or else go out for lunch!" "I cannot take half-day. Due to overtime, I have no idea how long it will take to get to the night. So don't wait and eat!" Saying just that, he hung up the phone boldly. Overall, it was clear from his words that his anger was still not gone. Meena felt it very much. She didn't know what was wrong with her. If you for yourself Didn't ask for anything, on the contrary, all the struggle is for the children. Mother-in-law's one is fine. Because they are old-fashioned, their thoughts will be monotonous! But this was not expected in the case of Mandar. Just thinking, Meena came home and started doing a lot of work. The children's school was to be dismissed at twelve o'clock today. She had a lot of work to do at home before going to fetch them. When the maid started raising money as she wanted, she started doing all the work herself. For the last 8-10 years since marriage, I had to struggle for my life. However, the situation is far from improving. But even in fulfilling the most important needs, it was getting in the way. Mandar's father died when he was young. Due to the poverty of the family, his mother sent him to his uncle for education. On the basis of his uncle, he graduated in science and got a job.

 The condition of Meena's wife is also desperate. She decided to go to Shivratri on Ekadashi. She was taught to live by heart from childhood. Current in Mandar's salary Meena was fully aware of how difficult it is to support a family of five during inflation. So she herself was trying to contribute a little by doing a job. But unfortunately she too could not get a good job. The education of both the children had also started in that. If you want to go to a good school, you have to donate. At the same time, Mandar's mother was obsessed that I want to travel to Charidham.' Meena felt his stubbornness like that of a little girl. How many times she used to make him aware of the situation. She thought that her mother-in-law would give up her stubbornness. On the contrary, she used to say, "Oh God, what we do is never free. Rather, God gives us double. Look now, if Mandar spends so much to pay my vows, he gets double the money. "How much more will God give if we do not use what He is giving? Shouldn't you recognize your own limitations? God says a little to make a difficult vow for me! Jas Bhav like God! You can even see him at home! For that, there is no need to go on a pilgrimage by spending half of the money!' Meena wanted to give this quick answer! But still she would swallow her anger and keep silent. Because Mandar doesn't want to hurt his mother because of God religion. Mandar's motherly devotion seemed to her a bit too much to live. He used to pay special attention to everything of his mother. She was suffering from diabetes, so if something happened, he would do all the things himself, like taking her to the doctor immediately, bringing medicine on time. Seeing that, Meena once said to him, "Don't you believe me? Why do you think that mother should do everything herself by fighting for her life even when there is no time? And you struggle so much for your mother, does your mother have to do you half of it? Your uncle taught you! What kind of trouble does mother have to go through?" Don't say something stupid. Is it any wonder that a mother of two tells me that the mother who gave birth to me did not suffer? 

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