"To DAO or Not to DAO...that is the Question"

15 Jul 2022

Decentralized Writers Room?

 "...will use decentralized writers’ rooms to develop IP and then share in future royalties or revenue with NFT-holding co-creators..." [taken from this article]

I should have stopped reading right there, but persevered. What's even a "decentralized writer's room?" A post Covid evolve of remote work?

How do you guarantee fairness to writers & holders of these NFTs if things go wrong?
Is this decentralized writers room governed by a Writer's "DAO" then? and if writers are not happy with the DAO governance... and DAO governance does go wrong!... do they then go to a centralized court/jury for recourse? It'd defeat the purpose if they had to, wouldn't it?

MORAL: Just because Venture Capitalists (VC) have latched on to a Quick-exit model [see the video clip extract here] of raking in returns at the cost of unsuspecting startups/retail investors, does not make the practice ethical, original, or indeed...innovative. Startups whether knowingly or otherwise fueling this eco-system should be aware of the collateral damage being caused.

Remote writing and collaboration in the film / media industry has been done for eons - It works fine, writers have recourse to unions for rights protections, The US copyright office has a legal tabulated document for writer's share of pay and co-author credits and if things go really bad, there are courts of law.
No need for Gasfees, worries of hacked CryptoWallets or indeed, stolen NFT fears.

Repackaging everything as "Web3", and decentralized...is simply attempting to re-invent a smoothly working wheel, by making it square (or blocky) and calling it the future of...of...the wheel?

This, is my personal opinion, but by extension, there's been a call for a more responsible look at Fintech as a whole (crypto/defi/web3) and over 1500 scientists engineers and technologists made their stance clear, here: https://concerned.tech/ (you can sign too)

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