Fruits Good For Night ?

15 Jul 2022

Can fruits eat in night ?

As already share about right time to eat fruits.
Now there is so many myth, misinformation about fruits good to be consume in night. But today I'm going to break and share my personal opinion and some ayurved knowledge about fruits consumption in night good or bad.

1. If you doing fasting like not eating grains, just staying on water and fruits than you can eat fruits in night as well but not in maximum quantity. Maximum you can eat throughout the daylight.

2. As per ayurved fruits not meant for night consumption because its to high in fiber, rich in water, and digestion works different throughout the day, like morning fruits eating good for digestion, because morning time is for cleaning that time eated fruits good for health n body. But if you eat in night they might be create problems like indigestion, sometime you feel again hungry because fruits digest very fast.

3. Fruits in night good only when you eat in small quantity.

4. Must remember never eat bnana in night it gives you cold and running nose. Its my personal experience. Banana is cold in potency like increase kapha dosh as per ayurved.

5. If you consuming fruits in night than don't eat grains that time only eat fruits which are not too juicy like avoid all citrus fruits, watermelon, muskmelon (eat some quantity).

6. You can eat papaya in nights, mango too, even add dates too this will good for consuming fruits in Night.

In my view best time to eat fruits is morning, than evening snacks, if eating in night than must eat less quantity non juicy fruits, avoid citrus fruits, add dates while eating fruits in night.

See you than next article till than take care and stay healthy 😊😊

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