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17 Jul 2022

Photo Rhett Noonan
HUNTED !!!! Can you disappear without a trace?

A new reality tv show commenced on channel 10 Sydney tonight (Sunday 17th July 2022) called Hunted. 
18 fugitives are on the run from a team of cyber, Intelligence, and investigation experts who are seeking to identify and apprehend fugitives over the next 3 weeks. These people are the Hunters. 

An intriguing series that sees these fugitives adopting many different approaches to avoid authorities. 

Authorities have access to all social media accounts, phones cctv and other technology and software to catch these fugitives.

Interestingly, I was not aware the Tele-metrics of cars are accessible by authorities to track vehicles and it raises the question about who else would have access to this data. Insurance companies, vehicle
manufactures and others who use this information with a view to adjust insurance premium ima based on driver behaviour. I am sure this is being used already. 

How much are we be being tracked and are you aware ?

Whilst I am really enjoying the series and I recommend you to watch. It raises the question with all this data being available to track and monitor movements. Do we really know who is using it and how is it being used?  

1 fugitive has already been caught with 17 to go. 

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