Play to earn web3 strategy game Blocklords

25 Mar 2024

Blocklords Play to earn web3 crypto strategy game.

So this is a follow up post about blocklords the medieval strategy pvp game. I wrote about blocklords a couple months ago here on bulb and now have a better understanding and feeling for what might happen with this game and where it will lead to.

I thought I should share what I have been doing with my spare time ( actually most of my time ) and maybe it's going to be a gamble that pays off and maybe not. But what I am sure about is that we are on the verge of seeing play to earn games go mainstream, maybe this year if not in 2/3 years at the very latest. Big titles like GTA are coming out with play to earn models and in game ownership in the form of NFT's.

So about the medieval strategy game blocklords

So I have been playing this game called Blocklords, it's free to play and download from the epic game store. It is in open-beta and has been ongoing for several years, for now only a small portion of the game is available but there are more and more features being added.

Why blocklords ? Well I did a very intense search of the web to find out which strategy games where available in a play to earn format with making crypto in mind and I found a few but none seemed as interesting as blocklords.

I have invested in a few heroe nft's for the game which I purchased with Matic, you can also purchase banners and heroes on the IMX network as well as Polygon. As well as participated in 2 seasons of the game so far for which I paid a 10$ season pass in crypto in order to have access to the top tier reward system.

Important things to remember about Blocklords strategy web3 play to earn game

The game is in it's early stages so remember there are bugs and this is mostly about getting your foot in the door, the game is expected to be released on steem and mobile towards the late parts of 2024 or early 2025 according to the road map. Right now is an excelent time to get free heroes and LORD tokens ( the crypto token which will drive the blocklords economy ) The token generation even will also ocurr in the coming months so there is no better time than now to download the game and try it out for free.

Blocklords in conclusion :

For the moment most of the game play is farming and trading resources, but pvp battles, dinasty system ( reproduce heroes ) and decentralized govenance.

My biggest investment in the game right now is my time, I am fighting to stay in the top 100 players but very excited about the prospect of being able to play a medieval strategy game for crypto.

Have a great day and don't forget to mention if you are already a member of one of the alliances in blocklords.

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