Today We Played Cricket Part 7๐Ÿ

14 Oct 2022

As I explain our cricket match, i think you all enjoyed it. I aalo very happy to shared with you. cricket is my feeling, without cricket my life is waste. as I explained currently opponent team captain Vijay and Rahul is on the crease for chasing target of 98 runs. opponent team score was 58/2 ( 4 overs ). If match continues like this strike rate then we will definitely lose game.
Rahul is on the strike for 5th over. (If you all guys ready previous post then ok. If not then read it and enjoy our cricket match โ˜บ๏ธ).

Our team captain Manoj collect all players and discuss new startegy for win the game. Manoj decides prasad will throw 5th over of the match. prasad came for fifth over. Rahul is on the strike and vijay is on the non-strike. our team captain manoj set all fields according to Rahul batting. Rahul played very well shots on leg side, so manoj sets two players on leg side. prasad stars 5th over. on first ball of 5th over rahul try to hit hardly but rahul made dot ball. vijay goes to near rahul. both discuss about playing shots to prasad. on second ball of fifth over, Rahul hits ball and take single. Third ball of fifth ball vijay try to hit big shot but he also get only single run. Rahul makes another dot ball. on fifth ball Rahul hit 1 run. on last ball of the match vijay hot and get 3 runs. prasad does really well bowling. he gives only 6 runs in fifth over of second inning. now manoj comes for 6th over of the match. manoj ready to throw sixth over. vijay is on strike and rahul is on non-strike. on first ball of the sixth over vijay hit one boundary. there is some hot chatting between vijay and manoj which are captains of our respective teams. second ball of the sixth over is dot ball. on third ball of the sixth over vijay hit ball and take single. rahul gets strike, on fourth ball of the sixth over Rahul hit one boundary. vijay motivate to Rahul but fifth ball of sixth over Rahul makes dot ball. on last ball of sixth over Rahul try to hit big hit but unfortunately he gets out. Manoj gives 9 runs from his sixth over and one wicket.
Now opponent team score was 73/3 ( 6 overs ). opponent team requires 25 runs in remaining 2 overs. vijay is on strike for 7th over and gaurav which is new player is on non-strike. manoj gives seventh over to prasad. prasad starts his seventh over. first ball of seventh over vijay hits and he get one boundary. vijay is on really good form. second ball vijay gets 1 single. third ball of seventh over gaurav try to hit but he failed and he makes dot ball. On fourth ball gaurav takes one single. fifth ball of seventh over vijay hits ball very hardly, ball is in air and uday droped his catch. vijay takes one single. manoj very angry on uday due to droped catch. on last ball of seventh over gaurav hit ball and he gets one six. prasad gives 13 runs in his seventh over. opponent team score was 86/3 (7 overs).ย 

It's a final over. opponent team requires 12 runs in his last over. as see vijay's batting it was very easy to chase but cricket is unexpected game. manoj comes for last over. vijay has strike. manoj sets field according to vijay's batting. manoj starts 8th over. on first ball of the last over vijay hits ball and he gets one six. vijay's team chearing for his batting. on second ball of last over vijay again hit ball and he again get another six. he hits back to back sixes. opponent team has won the game. vijay and his team starts celebration. vijay has won the game and also he won 1000 rs bet challenge. vijay and his team do comments on our team and specially on manoj. manoj gets very angry. he challenge to vijay to play big match on big ground. he also challenge to vijay to play with 10,000 rs bet. vijay accept the challenge. We will play this big match tomorrow with 11 players.
(This post is coming soon..........๐Ÿ˜)
(This post name is Vijay And Manoj Big Match๐Ÿฅณ)

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