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29 Jul 2022

What is PRüF?

PRüF is a protocol for asset tokenization that operates across multiple blockchains. You can use PRüF to ensure that the products or digital items you buy online or on the street are genuine. NFTs minted with PRüF, unlike legacy tokens, are long-lasting, upgradeable, and future-proof. Unlike legacy protocols, PRüF ensures that your tokens will not become dead internet links anytime soon.

Core Values of PRüF

  • Data Soveriegnty : You should have complete control over your data and how it is used. PRüF does not collect any sensitive information from its users. When personally identifiable information is required, it will be used to perform computations on the user's computer.
  • Safety :PRüF systems are designed to not inadvertently or intentionally jeopardize users' security, privacy, or agency.
  • Personal Agency: PRüF strives to increase its users' freedom from external coercive force, whether financial, physical, or social.
  • Sustainability: PRüF is a blockchain-based service that will stand the test of time. The PRüF protocol has been designed to be adaptable, upgradeable, modular, and persistent.
  • Do no harm:PRüF's creators are dedicated to creating a tool that has a positive impact on society.As a result, many of the design decisions built into the PRüF protocol are intended to encourage positive PRüF usage while discouraging bad actors.

*Next-Generation NFT Protocol
*Innovative Cross-Chain Infrastructure with permanent media storage options
*DAO governed
*Authoritative blockchain title for your possessions
*Privacy-First Philosophy
*Secure peer-to-peer commerce
*Reduce or eliminate theft and counterfeits
*Low-code to no-code enhanced NFT protocol to launch your project.


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[2] PRüF Whitepaper, 'A blockchain based asset tokenization ecosystem' (online, 2022) <>

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