Between the Sheets

26 Nov 2022

And I love her. Despite the many rivals I have for her affection, I completely love her. It is to me that she returns every night. It is my arms that hold her tight. It is I who dries her tears and I who chase away her fears. I love her and as she takes me in her warm, lush embrace, I know that she loves me the most among all the others.

As the golden sun casts its warm glow on her face each morning, my love arises. Her lips pressed to my cheek, I greet her with my bare skin touching her feet. She always wakes up whenever I do that. She then dresses me, after a night of caressing and clawing; to hide what dignity I have left. My love is quite conservative though she allows me to see her naked body without shame. Off she goes to breakfast, leaving me to sweep the remnants of dream from the night before.

It is that cat again, one of my rivals for my love’s affection. He calls to her through the window. If only I could muffle his cries so my love wouldn’t let him in. Too late, here she comes, cooing like a mother to her baby. The cat promptly raises his tail and rubs himself against my love. He walks over my body like a prince. I sink under his steps to let his claws get trapped on my sheet. It works. My love laughs as the cat stumbles. And though this victory passes but for a moment, revenge is sweet.

My love prepares for another day at work. After taking a shower, she enters the room smelling sweetly of vanilla. She locks the door and the two of us are alone again. She takes off her towel, sits on me and I watch as she rubs herself with fragrant oils. Drops of liquid fall on me and I take them in. I want to be enveloped in my love’s scent. I watch with envy as she stares into the mirror, another one of my rivals, while putting on her make-up. The mirror smiles a mischievous grin as he espies the full nakedness of my love. That mirror will have his day. Either I’ll smash him up or the cat will do it. It is just a matter of time.

My love is now ready to leave. She bids me farewell as she pulls the cover on me one last time. I can hear her high heels, as she walks out the house. Until tonight, my love ...

My day is full of anticipation for my love’s return. I entertain a few guests: my love’s sister and sometimes, the cat. Though he is my rival, I’ve grown fond of his presence. He sleeps on my body and in his dreams we talk. What were his nightly adventures? Was he able to mate? Things that often relate to the outside world. We never talk about my love for fear of ruining our friendship. Gaining my love’s affection is a very delicate matter that we prefer to duel when she is around.

At 7:00 pm, my heart starts pounding. She’ll be here soon. The cat has a head start as he greets her at the door. I can hear her talking to him and I burn with jealousy. She walks in, carrying the woes of the world. I can see her weariness. She greets me by plopping into my arms, heaving a heavy sigh of relief. “Don’t worry love. You are with me now. I’ll ease your tired body and soothe your aching soul.” I whisper to her. She smiles.

My love looks for distractions inside the house. And for a few hours, the television and computer has her attention. I wait patiently, biding my time. Knowing that in the end, she will return into my embrace, seeking the comfort I bring. It is 10:30 pm. She enters like before, smelling sweetly of vanilla. She grabs a book, one written by Stephen King, and reads it in my arms. At last she is with me and I am happy.

By midnight, she is already asleep, the book on her hand forgotten as she dreams of fairies and magic. The cool night breeze blows in through the window. My love shudders at the cold air. I pull her close to me. Tonight, she is mine and the world envies me. The cat, the mirror, the television and the computer, they are all lost as she lies down in my arms. Between my sheets, she lies free and loved.

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