4 Feb 2023

A poem out there to all those poem lovers. I am Nelson Joshua.


I see the room we shared,

so dark and empty like the great abyss.

I see the bed we made love,

now it seems so much like a distant past

of two fools or maybe its just me

O lonely soul.

Remebering only calls an ache

that ripples through time,

of a story of me and you

My Romeo and Juliet play.

Never thought I would come this far

but now I'm just trapped in the darkness of

O lonely soul

So when the dream birds flutter my way,

I will simply pick up and flee.

Like the fluffy hare jiffers away,

so my pounces shall be.

And when love comes knocking again

I will tell her not to disturb

O lonely soul.

Maybe My story is one upheld or maybe I will tell the little of ones,

Listen to the words that love proclaims

but never take heed to them for your sake.

For she is corny as the fox in the field

and a deceiver like the serpent of old

One moment she gets you high

and the other she makes you an

O lonely soul

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