Who will Win the NRL Premiership 2023

15 May 2023
currently the NRL is in the 12th round of the season the finals are along way away it just makes it more interesting to predict who will win.

If some of you don't know only the top 8 of 17 teams go in to the finals and the top 4 teams get an advantage over others as they get a second chance meaning if they lost they can play again, so for this post I am only going to be discussing the teams i think will be in top 4 as it is rare than someone outside the top 4 will win the Premiership.

  1. Rabbitohs: This season the Rabbitohs are running through all teams and are at the top of the ladder at the moment, they have players like Campbell graham and Cody walker have there best season yet. the Rabbitohs have a very experienced team that can perform well under pressure. I am sure they will be in the top 4 if they are not at that top spot.
  2. Panthers: The Panthers have to be on the list for multiple years they have been one of the best teams in the league and have one the last two grand finals. although they started off not to well they have finally started playing like there usual self's and if they keep doing so they will 100% be in the top 4.
  3. Broncos: The Broncos came out of nowhere this season and are currently second on the ladder, last season the Broncos finished 9th just missing out on the finals they only had 13 wins, but this year they already have 8 and still have a lot of games left to play, Reece Walsh, Payne Hass, Adam Reynolds are they key players for the team Reece Walsh scoring tries and setting them up, Payne Hass charging his way through the forward pack and Adam Reynolds kicking game helps to give the opposition less room to move
  4. Warriors: Warriors are also a team that came out of nowhere last season they finished second last on the ladder only winning 6 games in this season they have already won six games. warriors have a quite good draw versing some easier teams as they versed the tougher teams at the start of the season that's why I think they have a chance to win because they will get the top 4 advantage over others.

who will win?

all these teams i have listed a great however one that stands out has to be the Rabbitohs they have such talented players and a great mentality towards the game. I just don't see any teams beating them if they make the Grand Final which I am sure they will.

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