Argetina win Italy in Finalissima , Messi add one more international Trophy

2 Jun 2022

The game of Finalissima CONMEBOL-UEFA champions is already played in Wembley stadium and Argentina wins with 3-0 goals . 
The first goal was scored by Lautaro Martinez in 28th minute assisted by captain Lionel Messi. 
Messi give him an open play ball crossing a defenders and keeepers , which is easir for him to score and Argentines starts to lead the match.
The second goal was scored by Angel Di Maria in 45+1' minute of match assisted by Lautaro Martinez. The ball passed by Martinez lead Angel Di Maria and Italy keeper Donnarumma 1 vs 1 and scored the fantastic goal which leads Argentina by 2-0.
The last goal was scored by Argentina Young Superstat Paulo Dyabala in 90+4' assisted by Lionel Messi. Messi almost plays the ball aganist 4-5 defenders and confused them and passes ball to Dybala and scored the amazing goals. 
And in the last Argentina is able to defeat agaist Italy. Lionel Messi with two assists and really amazing and alien performance is titled as Man of Match. Messi now added one more internationa trophy in his carrier.

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