Do well, Live well🫂

9 Feb 2024

I really hope and pray this year is better
for me because I deserve everything good and I pray I am the happiest version of myself this year because this thing called life is draining me way too much and I hope everything works out for me this year
I pray I make the best of friends this year ✈️I pray God keeps everyone I love alive to see me make them proud 🥹  I pray 🤲 
Female friendships that has really messed my mind up last year that God gives me the strength to heal 🦋and make me better 🌸
I hope I smile a lot this year until my cheeks hurts 🎀.Everybody has an opportunity to change things and Make a Positive difference and I beat myself up everyday to be better. I write my own damn story and I will do my best to write it in the most delicate and well thought out way possible.

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