Picture this

17 Mar 2023

In your mind, visualize being by yourself.
You are suspended from a silver thread.

empty, alone, and filled with horrors.
You want to give in, your inner voice shouting.

Imagine that you are now.
every hour of the day.
Like a dying flower, sinking forever.

You attempt to tell your father.
And you endeavor to inform your mother,
But they claim that you are being stupid and that you should just move on.

Teenagers do not understand grief or life's challenges.
They're merely imaginative children.
Just seeking attention, am I right?

You believe that no one has any understanding of your emotions.
You really do feel so alone, but the emotions are genuine.


Alone, terrified, and primarily depressed.

They keep saying, "And you're buddies," as if nothing has happened.

Your thoughts say, "They must not care," and your brain tells you lies.

You are trapped in it and unable to escape.
You are disliked and ugly, yet you choose to ignore it by grinning.

You don't feel anything because you don't like what you feel.
Your confidence is eroding, and your insides are numb.

You consider other issues.
help reduce discomfort.
Cutting, tablets, but none of them result in gains.

Additionally, those nearby
Send insults your way.
Stop doing it; you're hurting yourself.
They only ever say that.

No matter how you beg them to listen, they will always turn away, flee, or hide.

You're just stupid, they claim, and it's all in your head.
They are unaware that you have already passed away inside.

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