Why you should invest in low market cap tokens

7 Jul 2022

Making the right investment decisions can be really difficult, especially in times like this. The market has really been indecisive lately, and everyone is kinda uncertain about a whole lot of things. 

We just keep hoping for a better tomorrow, that is why I am here to let you know why you should invest in low market cap tokens.

Finding a unique low market cap token can be really difficult but not impossible. There are a thousand low market cap tokens out there, you just have to check for ones that have a great use-case and bag a lot of them for the bull run.

A fully diluted market cap is simply calculated by multiplying the price of a token by its total supply. This plays a major role in the possibility of a token skyrocketing in price. 

It is easier for a token with a low market cap to give an investor 10X of the initial investment. 

When multiplying a token's price by its total supply, if it is within this boundary of  0 < market cap < 1M, then it can be considered as a low market cap gem. In most cases, be sure that the token hasn't had a major pump prior to the day of its discovery by you. 

Else let it go and search for something that is yet to experience an actual pump.  

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Low market cap gems has always been the things I look out for, because tokens with higher market cap have made their great price pump unlike the low market cap ones that have good potentials of doing a 10X
Suggest some potential coin list in next blog