The Game Of Chess

21 Sept 2022

Chess is still played by two players today and is known across the world for its intricate strategy and planning. You can study the fundamentals of chess and enjoy playing it, or you can learn the notation used in chess to understand how the game's top players think.

The object of the game of chess is to move your pieces in order to eliminate those of your opponent and eventually capture his or her King. That might seem simple enough, but keep in mind that your adversary has a similar objective, so in addition to thinking for victory, you must also strategize for defense. In chess, there are some unbending laws, but there is also an art to reaching the finish line of "checkmate" (winning the game). The art of the game is in how your pieces move and how you plan to win.
Chess sets range in price from inexpensive miniature plastic sets that cost as little as fifty cents to priceless sets that can only be found in museums. King and queens perform on sets made of costly stones, but there are also tacky sets that include cartoon characters like the Simpsons.


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