What i think about crypto market

29 May 2022

I am enter this market in Dec. 2021 early days i make profit to join some airdrop Ido lucky airdrop bonus and many more i am earn more then 1000 usdt but after some time i  realise this market not for small trends how envest 100 dollars to buy crypto coin and think after some coin will be go on sky and i make some good profit but this market wells and bulls accumulate this market to his profit when they want bull market is up when they want to bear market down they buy coin millions of quantity and market up after some time he make good profit with the coin they sell and market is down 
In tihs all think we are some small tredrs lost our money to buy and think crypto market in inregulating and not for small investors 
So i think abour cryto is some time give good profit and some time you loss your saving 

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