22 Sept 2022

Warning: this blog is not written in a formal way.

So my thoughts today, was why not document your Tech journey, why not? Well, I took it into consideration and said that's a good idea. Besides, documenting will give a sense of accountability to continue to make good consistency is the key, and I could basically look back and see how far I have gone. Here I am, giving this a try.

My Tech journey started earlier this year when it dawned on me that I will soon be done with the university...Gosh, like gi....rrl whatchu gonna do after the university?  Lol before this year I already heard about Tech but I didn't take it seriously. ( I for don go far by now)

So my journey began and deciding what field I wanted to focus on was really difficult, well trust me, I had a taste of everything from coding, UI, frontend, cloud computing and I realized those courses or career path is not for the weak...HEHEHEHHEHE
plus I wasn't even comprehending what I was learning. Each field is so broad that focusing on all, will basically make you a jack of all trades and master of none.

Lo and Behold a great thought came to me again and said... Search for fields in tech regarding finance and business. (P.S) I  have always been a business or accounting student since secondary school even in university. and I said again what a great idea!
And that's how I came across tech fields that require less coding. 

Lol, the gist long be continued


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