Narrative, narrative, narrative.

13 Feb 2024

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Good morning/evening.
So BTC has hit $50k, I am singing (badly) 'it's only just begun' and all I keep hearing is narrative.
As I have previously stated, I didn't know about bull runs in the last one, but I held my tokens all the way to the bottom.....I would like to think after all the research and endless hours of studying since then that I have learned something. Time will tell eh.
So I am as prepared as I think I can be. I have a few of these narratives covered, again time will tell, so here goes with what I think is the best token that I hold in each of these narratives.
This has to be BTC   
It may not get me the xxxxx's but It is my safe bet, SOL is my number 2.
I think STACKS could be my best performing L2 
I have some LINK and traded in and out of this for a while (one token I managed to trade and win!)
RWA (real world asset)
ONDO is the only token I hold in this category, just a small amount. It is not something I have researched much so I did not go mad.
IMX possibly but It was a hard choice
HELIUM As much as I have had issues with Helium, I do get drip fed tokens that I have been using to DCA into other tokens.
ALPH (Alephium) I like this one and the tokenomics look good.
Picture from Dune.
TIA I am late to the party here and it is on my 'shopping list'. I have a small amount staked but looking to add to this using the IOT earned from Helium hence the bridging post -experimenting-with-bridges-portals-and-squids-xxvrgdm
Some of these were really hard to pick and I have added to my INJ bag during dips as I think it will do well.
Well that is my list of what I believe will be some of my best performers. My portfolio is still BTC heavy at around 87%. It will be interesting to see if I called these right, and remember this is just tokens that I hold.
I think the tokens that I hold that will not do so well are 
What do you think about narratives? What do you think will be your best performer?
As always, thank you for reading and feel free to comment.

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