Vijay And Manoj's Match Part 4🏏

18 Oct 2022

The score being displayed on the board made Manoj very angry. Rahul and Vijay both appear fantastic. He aimed to eliminate them both as soon as possible. Manoj made the decision to turn the fifth over to Sudarshan. Rahul is on non-strike for the sixth over while Vijay is on strike. To throw the fifth in this crucial match between Manoj and Vijay, Sudarshan arrives. The first ball that Sudarshan delivers to Vijay is well-hit by Vijay, but Manoj's excellent fielding prevents Vijay from scoring more than one run. Rahul begins to strike on the second ball. The second ball of the fifth over is thrown by Sudarshan. Rahul is hit by a ball that Sudarshan threw on his legs. Rahul exits, and our crew immediately starts to celebrate. Manoj Bajpe, the captain of our team, is pleased that Sudarshan got even with Rahul. As the largest battle between Manoj and Vijay, this is a highly hot moment for this match. Suraj, batting at number four for the opposition, is the next batter. Suraj is informed about the circumstances surrounding this game by Vijay, who also gives him further encouragement to bat well. When Sudarshan sees that Suraj is prepared to play, he throws his third ball to him. In the sixth over's third ball, Suraj records a single. Vijay strikes once more, and he is prepared to play the fourth ball of the sixth over. In the sixth over, Sudarshan throws his fourth ball.  

Vijay strikes the ball so little, so he is quite fortunate to have added another boundary. Manoj was extremely anxious to watch Vijay's batting. Vijay receives the fifth ball on Sudarshan's sixth pitch. Make dot ball, says Vijay. The Vijay receives the last pitch from Sudarshan in the sixth inning. Vijay makes a dot ball once more. Vijay receives Sudarshan's final two over-dot balls that he has thrown. Manoj bids Sudarshan luck with his final two balls. Suraj has struck for the seventh time. Abhijeet receives the seventh over from Manoj in this game. For the seventh over, Vijay is a non-striker while Suraj is on strike. Suraj receives Abhijeet's first pitch, plays exceptionally well, and only manages to record one single. Vijay is about to strike for the subsequent ball. Vijay receives the second pitch from Abhijeet in the seventh over, and he makes a dot ball. Vijay receives only a single on the third ball of the seventh over that Abhijeet delivers to him. Suraj enters the fray with the fourth ball of the seventh over. Suraj receives the fourth ball from Abhijeet in the seventh over, and he plays it and only manages to get a single. When Manoj saw Abhijeet bowling, he was really pleased. Abhijit bowls for our team and throws really effectively. 
Vijay scores on the fifth ball of the seventh over. Vijay receives abhijeet's fifth ball of the seventh over, and this time he makes dot ball in abhijeet's favour. Vijay receives Abhijeet's final ball of the seventh round, and once more he makes dot ball. Manoj was overjoyed to notice that. 

After seven overs, the opposition's team scored 56/2. ( 7 overs ). Suraj scored 3 and Vijay had a score of 34 (28). "We wanted to get wicked of Vijay, this is really crucial for our squad," Manoj informs our group.

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