Will the Golden State Warriors win the Finals

30 May 2022

The Golden State Warriors are in the Finals after beating The Dallas Mavericks in game 5 with the Celtics beating the Miami heat they will will be versing golden state.

With Klay Thomson coming back from injury and Jordan poole becoming a star, the warriors have a high chance to win against the Celtics.

In the regulars season games against the Celtics we won 1 and lost one so the series seems like it will be even however every team is better in the playoffs because there is more on the line.

When the Celtics faced the Brooklyn nets they dominated on the defence stoping Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving so could they do that Steph curry and Klay Tohmson I don’t know. I think that Draymon Green will be able to stop Jayson Tatum from scoring as much and Steph curry  will dominate as usual the Golden State have to many role players for the Celtics to stop all of them. 

Golden State Warriors in 6 

let me now who you think will win and in how many games

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Warriors as you predicted win in Boston to take the series 4-2. Great prediction.
As a warriors fan I hope they win. Boston will be tough and I think it will go to game 7
@jydstar. What a game today especially for Golden State Warriors given Steph curry had probably one of his worst games this final series. Shows the value of the team. Your prediction Warriors in 6 is very likely.
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