Nodle (Move to Earn Crypto)App!!!

27 Dec 2023


Nodle App
Nodle is a move to earn app i recently discovered that i think could do very well in the coming years. Much like Bulb Nodle relatively new and as everyone in the crypto world knows the closer to the bottom you get in the better.

What is Nodle Network
Nodle essentially turns your average cell phone into a Bluetooth node. This gives Nodle a rather large basket of use cases but for the moment its currently being used to keep track of assists.

Nodle Token
Nodle also has a crypto called the Nodle Token that is earned by moving ( Walks, Drives) very similar to Coin but earlier so faster and larger token payouts. The current price of Nodle Token is $0.007291 The Market Cap is over $11,000,000.000 and the total supply is 8,542,652,037.

Where to Research and trade Nodle
You can track the price of Nodle live at either Coinmarketcap or coingekko. As for where to trade Nodle you have many options like, Mexc, BitMart, Kraken,, Huobi, MB

My Personal Experience with Nodle
I've been using the app for almost two weeks and have earned around 150 tokens adding up to about a Doller in profits for doing nothing more then walking around at work and thats without a Bluetooth device or NFT(other options to use to earn with Nodle, however i have yet to research that side of the app so i dont want to talk about that just yet.


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