The lonely kid in the back

24 Mar 2023

The young man seated in the back of the class was teased and joked at by the other students.

The one hiding his lost frown by lowering his head; the one whose confused expression prompted the intrusion of all the classmates.

The kids wanted him to be miserable, and they loved making fun of his clothes.
from the odd hairstyles to the clothes he would put on.

The young man averted his face in deep embarrassment as the kids teased and called him names.
He knew what they would do when they discovered him in the hallway, so what was he to do when it was one against all?

He wasn't being punished for his own misdeeds by the bruises on his flesh.
They were the terrible result of his distinctions and his life, nevertheless.

The assault on the school began at noon the following day.
There was no time for the students inside to respond.
The action began immediately following the first blast, and it all happened extremely quickly.

Each hallway was filled with the sound of gunfire, and every wall was covered in blood.
The rampage continued for a frustrating thirty minutes until coming to a stop when the con was killed.

Reporters swarmed the area after it was all done and questioned people in the area about what they had witnessed.
They said that they had never seen the man.
They claimed that as soon as they heard the guns, everyone fled.

Even after many days, kids continued to attend class despite the fact that the school was still covered with broken glass.
The pupils put their feet under their desks as soon as class began.
Upon turning around, they all noticed that there was one vacant seat in the back.

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