Happy marriage and its secrets

5 Apr 2023

I've learned about love as I've grown up.

Every day, I've been surrounded by it.

It's the reason we're here today, and I'm so delighted you both found it.

They claim there are secrets to a successful marriage and guidelines to follow, but the most crucial guidelines of love are the things you two do on a daily basis.

The "hello babes" are here in the morning,

It's how she prepares his tea, how he greets her with a smile, etc.

That was so nice to see.

It's never too late to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie.

It entails tolerating every defect, even when the other person is a grump.

It's the "You look terrific in those pants" that assures him that he is not turning gray.

All of her tiny "drama" and her midlife crisis are being disregarded.

It's tackling the world together, and it's more than just falling in love at first sight; it's being a family as a unit.

Every every day and night.

It's the way she and he both stare into each other's eyes.

They are here because of it, and they also said "I do" because of it.

I am presently standing with two people who are deeply in love and have just become husband and wife at this significant time in their lives.

I learned about love when I was growing up, and seeing it today confirms that.

I've learned so much from both of you, and I'd be fortunate to be half as happy as you

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