1 Jun 2022

Step 1: Connect your wallet

Connect your wallet to zk.money (natively with MetaMask or any other wallet via WalletConnect), or create a new hot wallet to send yourself ETH or DAI.

 zk.money currently supports ETH, DAI and renBTC. We plan to introduce additional tokens, so stay tuned

Step 2: Pick a Username

Your username is a recognizable alias that makes it easy for your friends to send you crypto.

we got @aztec 😎

Step 3: Register

This may take several minutes, do not close the window until you see the dashboard.

Aztec encrypting your data ⚔️

Step 4: Deposit ETH / DAI / renBTC

Deposit at least 0.01 ETH for the username registration to be complete. You'd be able to withdraw your tokens later at any time.

Step 5: Shield

Convert your ETH, DAI and renBTC into zkETH / zkDAI 

Shield your preferred asset by clicking the “Shield” button on 

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