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Nostradamus's dream book is popular to this day. Although the astrologer and seer, like the royal visitors, lived several hundred years ago, interest in him does not go away for years. As Pavel Globa points out, it is believed that what is described in the quatrains of Nostradamus happened with a 95% probability. Therefore, interest in the method of interpreting dreams according to Nostradamus' dream book is quite understandable.
Dreams attracted attention. He periodically saw and predicted the future in a dream. The dream book is suitable for people who often see. Have prophetic dreams and good intuition. If your dreams come true frequently, you should heed the advice of the seer. Perhaps you will soon be able to predict the future of the countries of the world.

Nostradamus believed that dreams originate from the distant past and rush into the distant future. According to him, his plans can reveal the events of the future. And he had in mind a more distant future, for example, the life of subsequent generations of the family, people who have not yet been born. The seer had a special approach to interpreting dreams. He believed that only analysis of the entire plot of the dream and the most accurate interpretation of each image he saw could reveal the mystery.
Interpretations in Nostradamus's dream book are global. They distinguish between global and personal interpretations. The medieval astrologer believed that each person's dreams reflect the future of all humanity. Both world political events and social events V Different countries and personal affairs. Such globality makes this dream book a unique phenomenon.

During his lifetime, Nostradamus explained why he could not interpret everyone's dreams. He wrote that what people see in their dreams is absurd and non-standard. Therefore, according to the astrologer, every dream requires careful decoding - this is the only way to know the future. Nostradamus's dream book contains interpretations of images in alphabetical order. It was written by himself based on his own predictions, personal experience, interpretation of dreams and astrological calculations.
Painting of Nostradamus
The Painting of Nostradamus has not been deciphered to this day. In the first astrological almanac, the seer wrote a key that allowed him to use the tables he compiled. It was on the first page. The keys that allow revealing the secret of the painting also appeared in the astrologer's later life works.
It was created so that unprepared people would not learn the secrets of the future. The secret of the password remains a secret to this day. To find out the meaning of the tables, you need to translate them into Russian, decipher the received ones taking into account the astrological principles of that period, determine the dates and correlate the events with the dates.

Many scientists devoted their lives to deciphering Nostradamus' paintings. They claim that this is a rather complex issue. The oracle did not write correctly. With letters transposed, grammatical errors, in general, he tried with all his might to confuse his readers from the future. Rumor has it that the author of the quatrains knew when. A man is born, who will understand the secret of the key.
Nostradamus' magic circle – divination
With the help of the number circle, Nostradamus prophesied dignitaries seeking answers to their questions. This prophecy was trusted by Catherine de Medici and her husband. For the prophecy of Nostradamus, you will need a fairly large sheet of paper with any rings, as well as numbers drawn on it in a non-standard order. There is also this online prophecy by Nostradamus.
Nostradamus' magic circle consists of numbers from 1 to 21. At first glance, the cells with numbers are arranged in a random order, but the great seer of the Middle Ages saw some hidden meaning in such a sequence of numbers. Nostradamus' prophecy is suitable for receiving yes or no answers.

The interpretations needed when divining in the magic circle of Nostradamus have survived to this day. With their help, every person will be able to know their future and get answers to their questions.

Egg of Nostradamus
The egg of Nostradamus is a magic machine with a chair inside an egg made of brass, bronze and copper, soldered with silver wire. Drawings made personally by a medieval astrologer have not survived. The surface of the egg was smooth, and the chair was made of bronze, with a backrest and armrests. The device was made by a master gunsmith.
According to legend, the seer traveled through time with the help of an egg. Tradition says that the idea of ​​​​production did not belong to the seer, but was invented by the Templars. The external appearance of the device is depicted in several engravings and is described in the literature of the seer himself and other authors.

Of course, Nostradamus actually did not know how to go to the future and the past. He probably didn't mean it literally. The Oracle sealed himself in this egg to disconnect from reality and focus on mentally penetrating the future and making a prediction. He spent a lot of time inside the egg, busy meditating. There are modern techniques to protect against interference from the outside world during occult practices. They are based on the fact that the practitioner must be inside a specific container made of reflective metal.
There is a version that the egg is just a part of a certain mechanism developed by the great seers. According to surviving accounts, it was in a separate hall, where even friends and family members of the prophet were not allowed to enter. There is also a legend that the entire house of the alchemist had supernatural properties and resembled some kind of witchcraft machine.

Zodiac Signs of Nostradamus
Nostradamus's horoscope consists of twelve signs of the Zodiac, familiar to everyone. It is worth paying attention to the fact that modern horoscopes have a slightly different approach to the distribution of zodiac signs by date of birth. In the horoscope of the seer, these indicators do not coincide with modern ones. For example, while we considered those born from May 20 to June 18 to be Geminis, it is now customary to consider May 21 to June 20 as the correct segment. This difference is usually insignificant and lasts no more than 4-5 days.
The horoscope of Nostradamus tells about the character of people born under it. different signs of the zodiac and their possible futures and the influence of the zodiac signs on all aspects of their lives. When the famous astrologer made predictions, he took into account not only the Zodiac sign of the person who turned to him. He also asked to indicate the date and time of birth of his spouse, children and other relatives, on whom the fate of a person may depend.

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