Elder scrolls VI

11 Mar 2024

The elder scrolls series has to be by my favourite single player game if not favourite game series of all time if we are talking purely for the game exclusively, not for gaming experience since online games offer a lot more than just the game aspect itself.
Anyways, enough about what games I like or games I liked, I'm here to talk about Elder scrolls VI. For those of you who follow the series would know that the sixth game in the series is likely to take place in Hammerfell, and thus would be the name of the sixth game.

Map of Tamriel

The previous 3 in the series III IV and V were held in Morrowind, Cyrodiil and Skyrim respectively. I think it's personally quite neat how each game in the series is held in it's own region as illustrated in the map, with all sorts of character backgrounds and history.

One other thing to note with each of these is the quality and level of the graphics that we were able to reach upon release date of all of these. Morrowind was released in 2002 and had quite lower tier graphics compared to what we are used to today. Oblivion, being released in 2006 had slightly better graphics, but really still does fall short of modern games. Skyrim however, was released fairly recently in terms of gaming, 2011 and matches quite well with what current date games have to offer in terms of graphics.

Elder scrolls VI, or what I imagine will be called Hammerfell, is going to be released at the very earliest in 2026, but estimated either 2027 or 2028. The gap between the 5th and the 6th game in the series is enormous. 15 plus years whereas the previous games all came out 5 years or so apart. There is definitely a lot of big expectation that Hammerfell will have to meet, mine included as the series is my favourite.

Yes, for all of the elder scrolls fans who have not actually seen what the first and second games looked like, this may come to you as a shock. This is the graphics progression from the first to the current fifth game in the series. With Arena and Daggerfall being released in 1994, and 1996, it's no wonder that even the character themselves are in such low resolution. It wasn't until Morrowind when the graphics became to a standard where characters begin to look proper, and the concept of textures and environmental details come into play. In the example snippet of Oblivion you can start to see the features in the rock wall and the plants come into play, but not really until Skyrim had been released did we see such textures like this.

Comparing the visuals of even what we can see the development over time. The water texture really doesn't start shining until we reach skyrim with amazing water texture in the sample image.

Taking all of this into consideration, with at least 15 more years into the future from the release of skyrim, we will see Hammerfell shine in action. I personally can't wait to see the level of detail in the environment, the physics and interactions in the world that the game will have to offer. The expectations are super high and I believe Bethesda will deliver! What do you think?

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