Notcoin Launches Native Token on TON Blockchain with Massive Airdrop

18 May 2024

Notcoin has recently launched its native token, NOT, on The Open Network (TON) blockchain, airdropping over 80 billion NOT tokens to participants ahead of its multiple listings on various cryptocurrency exchanges. This strategic move has marked a significant milestone for Notcoin, a popular Telegram-based mini-game that was introduced by Open Builders in January 2024. The game quickly gained traction, attracting over 35 million players worldwide and nearly six million daily active users.
The game’s growing popularity has led to its integration into ByBit, where users can trade and withdraw NOT tokens. They can also utilize Spot Grid Bots for trading. Data from CoinGecko indicated that NOT began trading with a fully diluted valuation (FDV) of over $1 billion following its airdrop on several exchanges. The token recorded a trading volume exceeding $294 million within the first hour.
As of the current press time, Notcoin’s FDV stands at approximately $759 million. The total maximum supply of NOT tokens is capped at 102 billion. Of this supply, 3% has been allocated to Binance Launchpool users, while an additional 1.5% is reserved for OKX Jumpstart users. However, Notcoin recently addressed an issue where certain deposits on Binance were declined due to a compliance check, which has since been resolved as of May 16.
To further incentivize holders and encourage long-term retention of the tokens, Notcoin has introduced a staking feature. This feature rewards airdrop farmers who hold their NOT tokens for extended periods, offering “extra rewards” and access to more lucrative staking pools based on their level in the game. This initiative aims to foster a stable and engaged community of token holders.
Notcoin’s mini-game is accessible through the Telegram app, and from January to April, early users accumulated Notcoin by engaging with the game. Players earned NOT tokens by clicking on a virtual coin and completing various challenges. These in-game balances were later converted to NOT tokens at a 1000:1 ratio, allowing early adopters to benefit significantly from their participation in the game.
The launch of the NOT token on the TON blockchain has not only expanded Notcoin’s ecosystem but also demonstrated the potential of integrating blockchain technology with popular digital platforms like Telegram. The successful airdrop and subsequent high trading volume underline the growing interest and confidence in Notcoin’s innovative approach.
By distributing a large number of tokens and integrating with major exchanges, Notcoin has positioned itself as a notable player in the blockchain gaming space. The staking incentives and compliance resolutions further strengthen its market position and user trust. As Notcoin continues to evolve and expand its offerings, it is expected to attract even more users and investors, solidifying its presence in the cryptocurrency market.
In conclusion, Notcoin’s strategic launch of its native token on the TON blockchain, combined with its popular Telegram-based game, highlights the dynamic potential of blockchain technology in gaming and digital engagement. The project’s ability to swiftly address compliance issues and introduce incentives for long-term token holding bodes well for its future growth and sustainability in the competitive crypto landscape.

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