5 Feb 2023

What will I write today?

Amanda! she heard mom shout, and she quickly slid her phone under her pillow and began to snore gently. The last thing she needed was mom ruining this moment with her midnight prayer sessions. Mom somehow knew she was awake, as she tapped me violently, mumbling words about Amanda's lackadaisical attitude towards prayers.
"Do you not realize we battle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers?" she would whine. This was not supposed to happen, not tonight.
"Mom, can I just rest? Tomorrow is school" Amanda whined, she was on a call with Tunde, and she was very sure he was going to ask her out that night. Not even God was going to stop her from dating that man. Mom wouldn't stop, and she hated mom for it. Mom kept praying and warring against demons, and Amanda thought mom was hers.

It's only been a few months later, and Amanda wished she was praying more with mom, instead of texting Tunde, who nearly ruined her life.

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