What is the Future for Cosmic Champs Play-to-Earn Crypto?

2 May 2022

Cosmic Champs (COSG) aims to provide players with a Play2Earn (P2E) game that is both lucrative and exciting to play by using the Algorand (ALGO) blockchain's performance capabilities.

Mad Shapes, a gaming company, is in charge of the project's development, and CoinMarketCap rates it as one of the year's best P2Egames.

This game takes place a thousand years in the future. It has been possible for humanity to explore the galaxy, bringing our advanced technology with us, and meeting people on distant worlds.

In addition, it's crucial to realize that the universe has become a rather peaceful place in recent years.

Merchants, guilds, and merchant ships are all commonplace in this world. There is little to no warfare.

However, there is a wormhole when an entity or beings enter our realm from a different location.

These aliens are here, and they're completely uninterested in whatever we have to offer; instead, they live by eating planets. Thus, our solar system has a limited number of planets.

Finding and extracting resources from these worlds is the primary goal of our characters. There are just a few survivors remaining after the majority of worlds were destroyed.

There are twelve distinct guilds in all, each representing a distinct species. It is possible to imagine steampunk scrappers, magical creatures, robots brought to life by artificial intelligence, and human beings among the many types of beings that exist.

The first few NFTs presented are just a tiny sample of what the Cosmic Champs universe will look like.

With a mobile device, you may join in on the action and explore the vast galaxy of Cosmic Champs, which is available to all players.

You'll be rewarded for your efforts. Since its inception on April 21st, the Cosmic Gold native token has increased in value by more than 200 percent.

COSG is earned through playing games. It may be staked, purchased with NFTs, or used for community governance by token holders.

A beta release and a first season of NFTs are on the horizon for Cosmic Champs in 2022. 

It can take some time for the price of the token to settle since the token was launched very recently.

Finally, I'll say this:

It is possible that we may stop considering announcing a future game as a notion to tack on usefulness to initiatives that plainly began with attitude, art and not much else now that the blockchain industry has taken a reality check on what goes into developing a game.

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