Endgame 3. Half of Living form restored using Hulk's snap.

16 Jul 2022

As all stones are collected by avengers from past timeline ,they planned for the sbap so that the wiped life form can be restored. Here ,Thor was willing to do snap.

But Hulk denies it as it will produce gamma rays . Since Hulk was made from Gamma rays it won't affect him more. Then ,Hulk uses Gauntlet and finally snaps but his hands got almost damage . So , it's clear that Even if you are smart enough to collect stone ,you can't do anything according to your will. Weaker people get themselves damaged . But we see Thanos was smart and strong enough to do tht snap. So , people starts to existence and everyone were happy to get theirs beloved ones back.
Let's focus on Hulk's snap how each stone helps to restore it. With mind Stone,it tracks the wiped out living form. With Soul Stone , each soul stone was redeemed from soul world. With reality stone , physical form was restored. With space stone , a snap event travelled all across universe and with time stone all people and living form started to revive at aame time. With power Stone ,it gives power to do such universal level of pwer of snap.

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Hulk almost loses his hands , In shang-chi post credit secne also he used some sort ot treatment.
I Wish that iron man survived the snap 🫰