19 Apr 2024

No, this is not the fear of been knocked by a FIAT car on your way to the bank to collect your fiat currency. No, but close. It is the fear of having to go to the bank to transact your hard earned fiat money as you may be knocked by a FIAT automobile or any other car for that matter. Sounds the same, right? Almost.
To put it in a layman's language, It's the antonym of cryptophobia, the fear of authentic financial freedom.
The phobia is mostly caused by frustrations by traditional money although research is still being done to unearth other factors could cause it.

Signs And Symptoms
  1. Creation of tens of cold wallets: A victim of this phobia has a tendency of having multiple wallets of multiple blockchain networks where he stores coins and tokens of all kind of projects.
  2. Check portfolio every 5 minutes: The victim is constantly checking the myriad of wallets on his phone or computer. After every check, he may rise his head with a bright face or a gloomy one depending on the markets.
  3. Always cashless: A person with fiatophobia never has cash with him/her. Just the mention of results to a grin. He/she would rather be scanning QR codes for payment or simply be pasting a string of ineligible numbers and letters called addresses.
  4. Thinks he/she is smarter than anyone else using cash: the crypto community brings a sense of belonging of the elites as well as some hard dictions. to a fiatophobic person if you don't understand the words, you are simply dumb. Some of the words include interoperability, hodl, dyor, lambo, mimblewimble etc.
  5. Electric and internet outage makes victim literally mad: Experts consider this as the worst case scenario for a fiatophobic. The victim's mood changes for the worst. This is because without internet and memes, there's no way they could ease their crypto pain. it's advisable to stay away from fiatophobics whenever there is such a grave outage and if a must to speak to them, do so as politely as you can.

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