Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life

16 Feb 2023

A hostel is where usually students of an institute live together and supervised by an administration. The time spent by these students in those hostels is called the hostel life.

Hostels are aimed explicitly at providing budget-oriented, sociable accommodation for students studying outside their hometown. Living in a hostel is a lifetime experience that makes you grow as a person. You will immensely develop your collaborative spirit. You will love sharing your food, drinks, stories, and laughter with other students in the hostel. You will see that unity will be created with great ease, and the things you have in common with other hostellers will exceed your expectations.

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A hostel is a place where comfortable stay, healthy and safe accommodation is provided for the students of a school or college studying outside their hometown. Many students move in from a different town away from their home for their education, and hostels are meant for them, but nowadays even students from the same town are opting for a hostel. Their students live a kind of life which is way different from their life at home. This different life in the hostel is known as hostel life.

Hostel life that gives a student a sense of responsibility as well as independence. Hostel life will teach you many other things like teamwork, helping your hostel mates, a sense of unity and adjustment among other hostellers. A student comes in contact with several other students of the same age with different backgrounds in a hostel. A student tends to develop many good qualities from other hostellers. But at the same time, students are also vulnerable to the evil influence of others.

When a student sees his next-door neighbour doing positive things like daily taking morning exercise, he also gets inspired. He too tries to develop this healthy habit. One good student in a hostel may become an example for other 25 hostellers and inspire them. Co-operation among hostellers, sympathy for others, and unity are characteristics of hostel life. Only a hostel is the place where a student gains an all-round development of personality. On the other hand, taking the example of a few boys who negatively influence others like an addiction to smoke and drinking may also give the same habit to their roommates or other hostel mates. If there are advantages to hostels, then there are also a few disadvantages to it.

In a hostel, the life of a student is full of opportunities and learning along. One can be friends with one’s hostel fellows who have diverse tastes and aptitudes, which will likely help you out in studying. One may choose his friends according to his likes and interests and spend quality time without regrets. Activities like mutual discussions on a particular topic, lengthy criticism of the latest picture seen by them, and storytelling, add charm to hostel life. Suitable arrangements of games and competitions, Sunday specials and eating competitions, and day-to-day work makes the hostel life adventurous. Apart from fun-leisure activities, hostellers have an unbreakable unity and are always ready to help one another whenever needed.

Hostel life with its so many advantages has some disadvantages also. Students who are new to the hostel life, find an entirely new atmosphere and sometimes find it challenging to adjust. Sometimes, students take disadvantage of their freedom which leads them astray. This may lead them to do evil and bad things. They begin to smoke, gamble, even drink, and then deteriorate their academic career. Some students spend money carelessly and even borrow money from their friends and stay in debts.

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