Token Vesting Update for MAZZE

12 Mar 2024

We are excited to share an important update regarding the vesting schedule of tokens allocated for ecosystem development, team growth, community engagement, and marketing promotion. Ensuring the long-term stability and growth of our project is paramount, and these steps are crucial in aligning the interests of our team and community with the project’s success.

Token Vesting Details:

  • Ecosystem Development: 900,000,000 tokens (after burning 100,000,000 tokens) are locked with a 12-month vesting period, including a 1-month cliff, followed by a linear release over the next 11 months.
  • Address: 0xA043BC356A11f548f77F716e8d3c31b1e8beDf7a
  • Team Growth: 600,000,000 tokens are secured with a 12-month vesting period, incorporating a 1-month cliff, followed by an 11-month linear release.
  • Address: 0xa81AA52EA19ef26739B0762C03381f9a84c8b05d
  • Community Engagement: 400,000,000 tokens are allocated with a 3-week vesting period to support airdrop initiatives.
  • Address: 0x49d125cA46997e3C90ebB0cc9940e033487F8FA4
  • Marketing Promotion: 400,000,000 tokens are designated with a 12-month vesting period, including a 1-month cliff, then a linear release over 11 months.
  • Address: 0x8126A70a57B44d32e6eB9F41c8DF4A2A47Ff4Be7

These tokens have been securely locked on the Uncx platform, demonstrating our commitment to transparency, trust, and the long-term vision of the Mazze project.

Vesting Transactions:
Stay tuned for more updates, including a special announcement related to the burned tokens. We are preparing a surprise for the community that we believe will be a significant step forward for Mazze. Thank you for your continued support and belief in our project. Together, we are building a stronger ecosystem.

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