SEABC 2024 Vietnam Drives Southeast Asia Crypto Ecosystem

12 Mar 2024

The Southeast Asia Blockchain Convention (SEABC), held at Landmark81 on March 10, 2024, has been successfully executed.

This event not only served as a meeting point for enthusiasts, experts, and innovators in the blockchain field but also marked the growth of interest and potential of blockchain technology and Web3 in the Southeast Asian region, particularly in Vietnam.

Industry Players' Synergy in Southeast Asia

Organized by leading blockchain media outlets such as MetaHub, Siam Blockchain, and Coinvestasi, and with full support from Gate Web3 as an exclusive partner, SEABC 2024 managed to attract over 5,000 participants. The significant turnout of participants demonstrates the high enthusiasm for blockchain technology across Southeast Asia and beyond.

Insights from Industry Leaders

Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash

Mai Ngo,'s SEA Regional Manager, representing Gate Web3 at the event, emphasized the importance of the convention as a "phenomenal platform for dialogue and discovery."
More than 80 prominent speakers, including Sandbox CEO Sebastien Borget, Chief Financial Analyst at Animoca Brands Josh Du, and Head of BD SEA at Polygon Labs Chyi Yan Hshieh, shared their insights on blockchain innovation, challenges in dealing with Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD), and the crucial role of proof of reserves and regulations.

The event also provided an opportunity for participants to interact with various crypto projects, explore offered products, and share information about the growing Web3 industry.

Vietnam and Its Position in Crypto Adoption

Photo by Sam Williams on Unsplash

Vietnam, as the host of SEABC 2024, plays a significant role in the global crypto adoption map. According to cryptoforinnovation reports, the country stands out with a high level of crypto usage, driven by factors such as financial inclusion, historical interest in assets other than fiat currency, and rewards from gaming.

With nearly 17% of the population owning or using crypto, and activities including DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, and more, Vietnam demonstrates significant potential as a blockchain innovation hub in Southeast Asia.

SEABC 2024 has laid the foundation for the crypto ecosystem in Southeast Asia, with Vietnam as one of the key players. Through collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange, the blockchain community in this region is poised to tackle challenges and capitalize on opportunities, driving wider integration of blockchain technology into everyday life.

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