Can't deal anymore

10 Feb 2023

You were always there to keep me safe during the chilly and dark night.
I would hold you close to me and cram you in very tightly.

We would act as though we were in a different, more carefree and enjoyable setting, where no one could ever hurt us and life had just started.

I used to confide in you all of my daily secrets, and I frequently pleaded with you to relieve the anguish.

I would spend hours with you on my bed by myself, even though you couldn't change the course of my life or the route I was being led on.

And each time we heard a door slide open or perhaps two, I would just reach out for you.

You would transport me there, where everything was so carefree and enjoyable, and even though it hurt, it was over again.

So, as I've gotten older, my fears have also diminished.
Looking at my life, it doesn't seem to be the case.

Despite having one or two eyes removed, you are still here to guard me.

My dearest little bear, you're the reason we succeeded.

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