Gambling - Part 4

29 Aug 2022

This is a thriller story continue from Part 3…

Mr Bowtie T was utterly defeated, he collapsed his body to the chair with extreme disappointment and regretted the bet as hell.

Pluto has stopped laughing by now, he clapped his hands, four of his bodyguards in black suits appeared from the side door quickly surrounded Mr Bowtie T from escaping.

Mr Bowtie T was frozen to bones when he saw a man wearing a white coat and a nurse entered the room.

Pluto said with a cruel smile to Mr Bowtie T ‘We are merciful, the removal of your eyes will be done under full anaesthetics by our medical practitioners, you will not feel any pain at all’.

Mr Bowtie T was crying like a baby by now…… he was on his knees begging Pluto for mercy, and cried with tears in his eyes ‘Please….please do not remove….. my eyes’

Pluto drained away his smile and appeared disgusted on Mr Bowtie T’s cowardice and condemned him ‘Your unmanliness made the underworld in disgrace, you called yourself the King of the gambling world in Macau? That is preposterous’

‘I would spare you from removing your eyes but you have to disappear from the public places of Macau forever’

Mr Bowtie T felt a tremendous relief and nodded in a reply ‘I will, sir…. as you told’ then the two body guards escorted him out of the room.

Tweety looked at his father, Pluto put his right palm to his eyes and said ‘I am tired sweety, take me to my bedroom for a rest’……

6 months later…………..….

Pluto standing next to a coffin at a local funeral parlor in Macau, the dead body he was staring at was his 30 year old son named Donald; Tweety’s older brother…..Donald had been operating a casino near the Ruins of St. Paul's church of Macau. He was killed by a gambling tycoon nicknamed Mr Lightning Hand. Donald and Mr Lightning Hand was involved in several escalated confrontations before Mr Lightning Hand assigned a contract to have Donald killed by machine guns spray inside a Chinese restaurant.

As he was looking his dead son for the last time. Pluto’s grief was only expressed with a slight bend on his upper lips and sunken eyes. He mourned his son ‘Why you have to leave so early? with all these riches beyond your wildest dream’. He then recovered

Pluto asked Tweety to summon his underboss to his mansion to arrange and organise a gambling match with Mr Lightning hand. 

There was Mr Lightning Hand sitting next to a square table with green cloth on top inside a private room of a night club near Ruins of St. Paul's church of Macau, He was a man in his 50s and wearing traditional Chinese robe and a pair of gold-plated glasses. A man sitting opposite to him is Pluto. Both men came without body guards, the security services in the venue was provided by the underworld boss named Dr Ho who ensures they don’t kill each other in the venue, and their gambling match is supervised by a pit boss of the venue.

Both men also put out a briefcase of 1 million US dollars as the wager for a game of “Sic Bo” also named “Precious dice”.

Sic Bo is a Chinese game play with 3 dice, the 3 dice is shaken inside a chest to obtain the total score of 3 to 18. The player can bet the total score to be small (3-10) or Big (11-18).

Mr Lightning Hand do not get the nickname out of thin air, he has god talent on his sleight of hand on shaking the chest of dice and supernatural listening ability to detect minute difference in sound frequencies of the bouncing dice. There was a rumour that he can shake to get outcomes of any total score at will. The gambling match of Sic Bo game choice was selected by him because he was certain that he would beat Pluto.


Pluto gazed at Mr Lightning Hand’s eyes as showdown for vengeance and Mr Lightning Hand appeared emotionless but his eyes sunk a little against Pluto’s intensive eyesight.  

Pluto said coldly ‘We will play one game to determine the match winner, I can put down the bet before you shake the chest of dice’.

That was Pluto’s mystic power, he seems to always allow his opponents to select the game of their strength and play at their advantages so they let down their guard and lure them to a death trap.

Mr Lightning Hand felt victorious as he knew he can shake any total scores, but he replied coldly also ‘Sure, place your bet’.

Pluto placed the briefcase on the table and said ‘small’, that is for a total score of 3-10.

Mr Lightning Hand started to shake the chest and listen to the sound it made and adjust the frequency of the shakes…….. then stopped.

Mr Lightning Hand gave a wicked smile to Pluto. Pluto appeared unattentive to the wicked smile but focus on gazing at Mr Lightning Hand’s eyes and said ‘Can we raise the bet size on top my 1 million US dollars bet’ ‘I like your hands’ ‘Let’s bet our hands as well’.

Mr Lightning Hand’s eyes frozen and mouth opened slightly, he was startled by the request.

Although he was confident on his sleight of hand on Sic Bo chest shaking, he was puzzled by Pluto’s confidence, he felt like declining the raised bet but Pluto’s eyesight appeared seductive and he felt Pluto’s gaze lured him to agree to the bet….

The pit boss appeared emotionless as well, he was trained to stay that way. The pit boss said ‘bet raised to include players’ hands’. He then wrote down the new bet on a piece of paper and had Pluto signed it and placed it beside the 1 million US dollars wager.

The atmosphere was filled with sound of the silence. Time appeared to have stopped….

Mr Lightning Hand slowly opened the chest to reveal the outcome, it was 6, 5, 5 with a total score of 16, it is a Big. Mr Lightning Hand smiled then yelled ‘I won I won ha ha ha’.

Pluto was beaten…… has he lost?

Pluto rose from his chair replied ‘No, No, No you lost the game, look at it, it is 1, 2, 2 with a total score of 5, it is a Small’ Pluto gazed at Mr Ligtning Hands eyes and repeatedly said in a soft tone ‘It is a small….. small……. small…..It is 1, 2, 2……..1, 2, 2………..1, 2, 2……. You lost….You lost…..You lost ’

Mr Lightning Hand felt his cognition dropping low……. he forgot what total score he shook……he thought momentarily Pluto was his therapist guiding his thinking…He felt sedated with illusions…..He was fully hypnotized by now……...He looked down slowly at the dice again, it was indeed 1, 2, 2 with a total score of 5, it was a small, Pluto won the bet.

Mr Lightning Hand said agreed ‘Yes….. I lost’

Pluto put out a pistol on the table and continue to gaze at Mr Lightning’s eyes and said repeatedly ‘You lost your hands as well…you are nothing now…why don’t you kill yourself…..kill yourself……kill yourself’

Mr Lightning Hand was greatly saddened by the defeat, he picked up the pistol and put it against his head and pulled the trigger, a loud bang followed… be continued after a few comments.

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Johnson Chau
Back at it again with a suspenseful ending - i wonder what is going to happen next now! When I look at this again in a years time, I will feel that this will be part of BULB's humble beginning as a blogging platform!