Most interesting facts about Algeria

28 Jan 2023

Algeria is one of the most beautiful countries on the African Continent. Its official name is the people's democratic republic of Algeria. It is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Similarly, Algeria is the largest country on the African continent. This vast country with its rich northern coast, and hot deserts. Similarly, it has a rich history of many invaders who have left an abundance of interesting sites. In this article, we discuss the most interesting facts about Algeria.

Quick Facts about Algeria

The official name of Algeria: People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

Area: 2,381,741 square kilometer

Population (2021): 44.7 million

Population density: 17.7/km2

GDP (2021): $532.565 billion (PPP)

Continent: Africa

Capital: Algiers

Language: Arabic, Berber, Algerian Arabic, French

Official Languages: Arabic, Berber

Largest by area: 10th largest nation

Religion: Sunni Islam -99%, 1% Other

Government: Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic

Currency: Algerian dinar (DZD)

Time Zone: UTC+1 (CET)

Interesting facts about Algeria

1. Largest country on the Africa Continent

Africa is the world's second-largest and second most-populous continent after Asia. And Algeria is the largest country in it. Before June 2011, Sudan becomes the largest country in the African continent. But in June 2011, South Sudan declared its independence from the northern parts of Sudan and the title of the largest country in Africa went to Algeria.

Furthermore, it is the tenth-largest country in the world.

2. Algeria share its border

Algeria is bordered to the northeast by Tunisia and to the east by Libya. Similarly, to the west by Morocco to the southwest by Mali and Mauritania. Furthermore, the south is by Naija and to the north is by the Mediterranean Sea.

3. Member of Athe rab Maghreb Union

Algeria is also one of the members of the Arab Maghreb Union. In this Arab Maghreb union, nations like Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia are also members.

4. The Sahara Desert covered most of the land of Algeria

Most of the land of Algeria is covered by the Sahara Desert. It is the hottest desert in the world. So that most of the population of Algeria lives around the capital city or in the capital because the remaining parts are covered by the Sahara Desert. 90% of the total land of Algeria is covered by the Sahara Desert.

Additionally, only 12% of Algeria's landmass is inhabited.

5. Algeria is the largest exporter of natural gas

Algeria is a country of regional and middle power. It supplies a large amount of natural gas and oil to Europe. It has the 116th-largest oil reserves in the world and the second-largest in Africa. While it has the 9th largest reserves of natural gas. Most of its economy comes from exports the natural gas and oil.

Furthermore, Algeria is part of The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). 

6. Algeria is one of the richest countries in Africa

Algeria has a larger reservoir of oil and natural gas. So most of its economy comes from selling oil and natural gas. The poverty rate was seen lower than 5% in Algeria. Similarly, World Bank classified Algeria as an upper-middle-income country. The GDP of Algeria in 2021 is $163.512 billion (nominal). GDP per capita in 2021 is $11,829 (PPP).

7. Seven World Heritage sites

In Algeria, there are seven UNESCO World Heritage sites. AI Qal'a of Beni Hammad (the first capital of the Hammadi empire), Tipasa ( a former Phoenician and later Roman town), Djémila, Timgad, Kasbah of Algiers, M'Zab Valley, and Tassili N' Ajjer are very much popular sites all over the world. These are some most interesting facts about Algeria and its World Heritage sites.

8. National Animal of Algeria

The national animal of Algeria is the fennec fox. The fennec fox has too large ears and slanted eyes and a pointy nose. It is also referred to as a desert fox because it leaves in the desert. The fennec fox is highly found in Algeria as well as in other African countries.

9. Algerian are very much decent

Hospitality is very much important among the Algerian people. Most Algerian become close to strangers and make friends easily with strangers. You can find the people of this country very much polite and if you see them at any place in Algeria then they greet you well. Handshakes are common in Algeria and people easily do handshakes whenever they meet.

10. 48 Provinces in Algeria

There are 48 provinces in Algeria. Over 90% of the entire population lives in the upper 37 provinces that border the Mediterranean sea.

11. Roman Catholic Basilica in the capital city of Algeria

In the capital city of Algeria, there is an amazing Roman Catholic Basilica and it's called Notre-Dame d'Afrique which means our Lady of Africa. It is not only an amazing building but also on top of a cliff that overlooks the sea. You can see the awesome views of the sea from the Roman Catholic Basilica. The basilica contains 40-60 glass windows and found the inscription on the apse in the church and the inscription on the apse says tur Lady of Africa Pray for us and the Muslims. For the Muslim culture, Basilica is seen as a symbol of religious tolerance.

12. World the highest temperature recorded in Algeria

In Algeria, the world's highest temperature recorded is 124 degrees Fahrenheit or 51 degrees Celsius. These are some most interesting facts about Algeria.

13. Three colours in the Flag of Algeria

In Algeria's modern flag, three colours are used which symbolize very specific points. The colours of the flag are white green and red. The white colour symbolizes peace and purity. Similarly, Green symbolizes Islam as well as nature and Paradise. Furthermore, Red symbolizes the deaths and sacrifices of all the people who fought for the independence of Algeria as well as red colour stands for liberty.

14. Mint Tea is a very much popular tea in Algeria 

Mint tea known as Atay is the most popular and auspicious gift in Algeria. Algerina people drink tea throughout the day. And this is a common daily practice in Algeria as well as in North Africa. You can find many tea rooms as well as tea bars in Algeria. If you are a tea lover then you can easily enjoy Algerian tea.

If someone offers you tea in Algeria and you can decline his/her tea offers then it is considered disrespectful. So never say no if someone offers you tea in Algeria.

Furthermore, coffee with cardamom is also very much a favourite drink in Algeria.

15. Popular Algerian dishes

The popular Algerian dishes are couscous and Mechoui. Couscous is mainly made from veg items and somewhere meat also include in Couscous while making. Similarly, Mechoui is a whole roasted lamb cooked on an outdoor spit.

16. Highly spoken languages in Algeria

There is no such language as Algerian rather there is Algerian Arabic also called Darja. Darja is the local dialect of Arabic and it is spoken by 60% of the population of Algeria. Similarly, French is also widely spoken in Algeria and is used in the school curriculum of Algeria. Most people easily understood the French language in Algeria although English is not widely spoken in Algeria.

17. Algeria is called the country of cherries and dates

Algeria is also called the country of cherries and dates. Because this relates to the various types of weather found in Algeria. You can find a mild climate in the north and a dry and hot climate in the Saharan south. Algerian dry foods are known to be some of the best dry food in the world. Most Algerian are traditionally greeted by offering dry food and milk to the visitors.

18. Women in Algeria 

Women in Algeria are very hard working They become a larger contributor to the amount of household income than men. Similarly, in the Algerian judiciary, more than 70% of lawyers and 60% of judges are women.

19. National day of Algeria 

On 1st November Algerians celebrate their National day. Similarly, this day is also known as a revolution day, because they finally won their bid for independence from France.

20. Point at people or objects is considered rude in Algeria

If you are on an Algeria tour and you point at people or objects then it is considered rude. So never point at people or objects in Algeria. Similarly, if handing something to someone, you must do it with your right hand or both hands, never just the left hand.

21. Biggest scenes 

In Algeria, you found the world's biggest tunes. The Issaouane Erg and Tifernine Dune fields have dunes with an estimated height of 465 meters and 5 kilometres long.

22. Algeria has the highest cost of living

Out of all African countries, Algeria is the richest country and has the highest cost of living.

23. French Colonisation Algeria is the biggest exporter of wine

During the French Colonisation of Algiers, it is one of the biggest exporters of French Wine. Trench wines are very much popular all overtime during those periods.

24. Highest Mountain in Algeria

Mount Tahat is the highest mountain peak in Algeria. Similarly, it is at an elevation of 2,908 meters (9,541 ft).

25. The popular mode of transport in the Sahara desert in Algeria

Camel is a popular mode of transport in the Sahara desert Ain Algeria. You can find many camels in the Sahara desert in Algeria.

26. Petrol is cheaper than water in Algeria

In Algeria, petrol is cheaper than water. You can find tetrol in some Algerian currency. Because it is one of the main producers of oil.

History of Algeria (Timeline of Algeria History)

The History of Algeria is are in below;

1830:- Algeria was an autonomous province of the Ottoman Empire up to 1830. Three centuries Algeria was an autonomous province of the Ottoman Empire

1830:- France Seizes Algiers in 1830.

1939- 1945:- The collapse of France and the Anglo-American occupation of North Africa. The second world war is starting in this period. People of Africa hopes for independence due to the second world war and try to finish France's empire in their territory.

1945:- France again starts rule in Algeria after Germany lost the second world war. Thousands are killed during this period.

1954:- 1962:- Start a war in Algeria for Independence.

1962:- Algeria gains independence from Franch

1963:- Country gets its first elected president (Ahmed Ben Bella)

1965:- Ahmed Ben Bella is thrown out from the president and Col Houari Boumedienne becomes Algeria's President.

1976:- Introduces a new constitution by Col Houari Boumedienne. Also, Islam is recognized as the state religion.

1976:- Col Houari Boumedienne is elected president and started rapid industrialization.

1978:- President Col Houari Boumedienne dies and is replaced by Col Chadli Bendjedid.

1999:- Abdelaziz Bouteflika has been the fifth President of Algeria.

2019:- Abdelmadjid Tebboune become the new president of Algeria.

These are some most interesting facts about Algeria and its history.


In this article, we discuss the most interesting facts about Algeria. People are very hospitable and invite you to their homes for tea or coffee if you build a good relationship with them. Similarly, this country has beautiful nature as well is highly rich in natural resources. If you are planning to visit this beautiful country then please let us know. Also, what do you think about these interesting facts? Please tell us in a comment below.

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