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27 Oct 2023

Intraday Trading Strategies:
When a Trader Buy and sell stock on the same Trading Day Then it called Intraday Trading or Day Trading. In this type of trading stock are Purchased not invest, but to earn profit by harnessing the movement of Stock Prices. Thus, the fluctuation in stock price is a monitor to earn profit from the trading stock.

Below Are some Intraday Strategies Used By Traders:

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ORB (Opening Range Breakout):
This type of Intraday Trading strategy is extensively used by professional traders as well as beginners. Maximizing the possible use of this strategy, combining it with the best use of the indicators to an accurate assessment of the market sentiment. ORB has many variations, some traders pick to trade on large breakouts from the opening range, other choose to place there trades on the opening range breakout. The time window for trade range between 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Support and Resistance:
Every stock price fluctuates within a range from the first 30 minutes of the starting of the Trading session, which is known as Opening Range. The highest and the lowest price during this Trading period as assumed as the Support and Resistance level. Professionals advise buying when the share price moves upward of the opening range high and sell if the share price falls the opening range low.

Demand and Supply Imbalance:
An important Intraday tip is to look for a stock where extreme Demand and Supply Imbalance exist and pick for this to entry points. The stock market follows Normal demand and Supply rule, where stock price reduces if there is no demand for high supplies, and stock price increases if there is High demand for supplies. Traders must learn to identify the point from the price chart research and Analysis of stock historical movement.

3:1 Risk Reward Ratio:
Intraday Traders especially Beginners must understand the proper risk-reward ratio. At first, Find a stock that provides a possible risk-reward Ratio of at least 3:1 will be helpful in earning profit in Intraday Trading. This type of strategy will allow traders to lose small while giving the opportunity to earn a big profit even if they lose most of their trades.

RSI and Average Directional Index (ADX):
Intraday Traders used these two Intraday Trading strategies to find buy and sell opportunities to earn a profit. The RSI is a technical momentum indicator that compares recent losses and Gains for the particular stocks to determine over-purchase or oversold the stock. The ADX is a beneficial tool and it used to find when the price shows a strong trend. In most cases, if RSI crosses the lower limit it indicates the Buy trade, and it crosses the upper limit it indicates the sell trade. When you combine RSI with ADX you have to buy when RSI Crosses the upper limit and Vise Versa. The ADX is a Tool which is used to identify the stock trend and help the user to take buy and sell decision.

Intraday Trading is involved in same day Trading sentiment. Most traders try to make a smaller profit from Intraday trades. The golden tips for Intraday Trading are to move with market Trends to get profit.
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