Coin series (8/100)

31 May 2022

The eight highest coin by marketcap is Polkadot (DOT) which is obviously the most favoutired projects in crypto industry. 
It is believed to the web3 gaint in the industry along with it's interoperability features that leads to operate more in the metaverse and gaming industry. Many people are holding these coins due to crowdloan/ parachain systems in Polkadot chain .Polkadot ecosytem is supposed to be Ethereum killer due to it's interoperability layer 1 solution in crypto indsutry . Here interoperability simply means there is easier ways to convert and send assests form one blockchain to blockchain with fast and effective ways.
Main functions of polkadot are interoperability, economoical and transactional scalibilty ,easy blockchain innovation, security etcs.
Users can stake their dot coins to get some interest from it and used it in polkadot parachain supported projects to get their tokens.
As of 5/31/2022 ,the price of DOT is $10.38 with it's ATH 55.00 . This projects is still bluiding and growing . So ,within some years people expect to new ATH for polkadot . The total supply of DOT is  1,103,303,471 netting the company worth $11,397,954,894 . 
The offfical website of Poladot is . More details can be found here about it's community and others.

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