7 Feb 2023

Tell me what you think and site out the figures of speeches and techniques applied in this piece


Now the grass may be greener on the other side

But it doesn't mean it's still remaining

So if I sink like the titanic

I'll be back like the Phoenix

It's the memories of pains but with a taste of laughter

I understand the mysteries but refuse to make same mistakes

The ones that made my past a laughing mockery

Those ones that dictated my heart's obsession

So if I flow today then I pray to float tomorrow

Because I came to understand that the life I live

An unending journey with my smile as it's prize

Maybe to be or not to be but damn I'll make it count

Cause like the old book says
The race is not for the swift
But he the Lord showeth mercy
And I'll be damned if it ain't me

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