25 May 2022

Who is the greatest football player of all time. Messi or Ronaldo. One of the most iconic debates in world sport. 

Since making their debut for a top level team, both messi and ronaldo have proven that they have what it takes to be the best of the best, but who sits on the throne. 

If we base the debate of trophies we get messi (36) beating ronaldo (30), this is not a fair analysis. If we base it off goals that makes the judgment better, using this ronaldo (802) takes the crown beating messi (758).

Is this enough to determine the best player in the world, the GOAT of football.
There are so many factors that need to be considered to make a finalisation on this ancient rivalry, it is next to impossible to decide.

Let me know who what you guys think, who is the winner, who takes the crown of the GOAT of football.

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Messi for me. It would be good to see assists All great players make their teams look good too.
I think it's Messi. Both players are phenomenal though.
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